Privacy policy


1. Personal data registration

Personal data collection is being implemented as related to the sales and promotion of the products offered on the web site by the domain of It is based on your consent as used by our sales activity and with the purpose of finalizing sales and for deliveries processing.

2. Personal data control and acknowledgement

Your personal data are controlled by Lucky Music Network srl (“Lucky Music” as follows ); a legal entity operating from the address: Via Carlo D'Adda, 29 - 20143 - Milan, VAT#: IT13090770150.
Personal data are controlled exclusively by the authorized staff of Lucky Music for the use as stated above ( 1.0). Alternatively by the web authorized maintenance staff only.
Your name, surname and address shall be communicated to the occasional freight company for delivery purposes.
Your name, surname, date of bith, social security number and address shall be communicated by Lucky Music to the Bank or Financial Structures taking care of your payment process.
Data and codes related to credit cards or pay pal transactions are not been processed by our server nor they get recorded internally. They are directly processed thru the server of Banca Sella or Paypal and regulated by the Privacy Policy of such companies and subjected to your direct consent to their systems.

3. Obligations / Processing

You are under obligation to fill up the following fields as to finalize a sale: name, surname, date of birth, social security number, telephone number, delivery address, mail address. You are required to give your consent for the processing of such data. Not providing such data shall prevent the system to proceed with the sale.
You are no under obligation of giving your consent to Lucky Music to use your data to send you promotional information’s and /or newsletters.
Providing your email address thru the Lucky Music email address appearing on the web shop shall allow us to store and keep your email address data for the only use of answering your requests until such an answer is given.

4. Use made of Your Personal Data

All data processed under the procedures as explained in the art. 34 of the Privacy Code happened thru your registration process in our web shop, are being controlled at our premises as follows: Lucky Music, Via Carlo D'Adda, 29 - 20143 - Milano.
The data base and its e-commerce security are protected and secured with a proper data intruder security system managed by Jservice S.r.l. a company with its legal address in via Santa Chiara, Arborea (OR). Such protection is extended during all communications flow via Internet both when data inserting is taking place and when data are used in case of a registered user. All data are protected by a SSL, 128 bit certified security system.

5. "Cookies"

Cookies in this site are only used for a functional use of the web site and for improving the on line experience of our users.

What is a cookie ?

Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information that a user’s device (computer, tablet or mobile) downloads when it visits a website. They allow the site to “remember” your computer, but not specifically who is using it, and improve your user experience. By associating the identification numbers in the cookies with other customer information when, for example, you log-in to the site, then we know that the cookie information relates to you

What is the scope of Cookies?

Cookies are used generally for different purposes, such as letting the user navigate between pages efficiently, implementing the user's preferences and generally improving their browsing experience, by customizing the website according to their navigation and user profile. They can also help ensure that the adverts that the user sees online are more relevant to them and their interests.

Cookies can only memorize texts, always as anonymous and in encrypted form. No personal information’s is being recorded nor they can be related to specific, identifiable persons.

How to disable cookies?

You can clean the navigation cache of your browser as to cancel all the memorized data. The following links from the most popular browsers show you how to deactivate cookies:

6. Cancelling your registered data.

You shall be able to cancel your personal registration data anytime sending an email to Lucky Music at the following address: 

Data shall be cancelled within the time needed to finalize the shipment of your products.
Un-subscribing from promotional services (i.e. Newsletter ): you shall be able to cancel your personal data used to receive promotional information’s (c.d. Newsletter) by clicking on the icon at the end of the Newsletter or logging in to the following page: and disabling the consent in the specific check box.

7. Data access rights and other rights.

As stated by art. 7 of the Privacy Code (D.lgs. 196/2003) you shall have the right to get our confirmation related to the existence or non existence of your personal data ( even if not processed yet ) specifically regarding:
a) origin of your data
b) usage of them
c) application criteria if electronic instruments are used for such a registration
d) names of the responsible person(s) as indicated in article 5, comma 2;
e) names of the persons to whom such data could be communicated or who could be designated as responsible in the territory of the State.
You have the right to:
a) ask for updating your data
b) ask for the erasing of your data, for transforming them into anonymous data and for blocking the use of them when used against the law
c) ask for the erasing of your data which are unnecessarily controlled if not for the scopes as stated above
c) ask for a statement stating that the operations when requested indicated in points a) and b) have been implemented and the results have been communicated to every person involved in the data processing.

You can oppose to:
a) data collecting for legitimate reasons, even if necessary for the registration;
b) data collecting and processing for promotional activities, communications or sales promotions and marketing analysis.
Such an opposition is being regulated by art. 8 e 9 of the Privacy Code.

A specific written request for the above must be submitted to the legal representative and the personal data responsible person via mail or by registered letter to Lucky Music, Via Carlo D'Adda, 29 - 20143 - Milano, fax number +390258101653 -

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